Liquid: The Fluid State of Mobile App Development — Media

Steve and Paul examine the knowledge needed in media (video) in being effective in game development. They also review four apps; Ustream, Livestream, Pro Recorder and Moe’s Notes.

Listen Here: Liquid — Media


Liquid: The Fluid State of Mobile App Development — Adobe

Steve and Paul examine Adobe  and their latest news about Flash and the downsizing of their work force by 7 %. You need to read between the lines on this one, but it’s very curious that Adobe’s Flash will now be available to be used on iOS devices shortly after Steve Jobs past.

App reviews in this show are; Words with Friends, Flick Football, Speed Date and Flash Card+.

Listen Here: Liquid_Adobe

Liquid: The Fluid State of Mobile App Development — Marketing Indie Apps

Steve and Paul talk about marketing for the Indie App Developer and the importance of reviews of your product. They also review 4 apps on the show; Reckless Getaway; ShadowGun; Flick Golf; and Office 2 Plus.

Listen here: Liquid Marketing

Liquid: The Fluid State of Mobile App Development — Tech Schools

In this show, Paul Ashlin and Steve Favis expose the underbelly of Tech Schools and the way they do business. Paul Ashlin taught for 10 years at ITT Technical Institute and was a program chair there as well as serving on their nation curriculum committee; he certainly knows the ins and outs of how these for profit tech schools operate. In that time, he was always under a gag order not to expose to his students the unethical practices he witnessed. Steve Favis was a student and an instructor going through both sides of the tech school experience and revels how he was lied to as a student on product to be delivered and the cost of the program he enrolled in.  If you know anyone currently considering enrolling in a For Profit Tech School, they need to listen to this show, even if they are not interested in the media, game world. This information is relevant to anyone going to a For Profit  Tech School of any kind.Listen here:

Liquid — The True Story About For Profit Tech Schools